$100M: A Celebration of Orlando Generosity

by NCF Orlando  |  August 29, 2017  |  Types: Celebration, Generosity, Orlando

NCF Orlando is excited to announce a milestone: our Givers have now cumulatively granted more than $100M to charity. 

$100 Million Dollars to Charity. 

That's $100 Million to combating injustice, caring for the marginalized, and increasing God's presence through both word and deed to people in Orlando and around the world. We count it an honor to catalyze such radical generosity in the city.

You may wonder, "Where did the $100 Millionth dollar go?" LIFT Orlando, whom aims to strategically break the cycle of poverty in Orlando through neighborhood revitalization, received a generous $250,000 donation from one of our Givers. This grant puts us on track to break our 2016 record of nearly 4,000 grants totaling over $20M to charity. Nearly 60% of that stays right here in Central Florida.

Tim Seneff (NCF Orlando President) commented in a recent interview that, “As Orlando increasingly becomes the ‘City Generous,’ I firmly believe this will lead to more flourishing in the ‘City Beautiful,' What I love about National Christian Foundation Orlando is that we are connected to a huge national organization that has all the right tools and resources, but we are still engaging local families at church and at ball games. That connectivity is what makes this milestone so special for us, and we are grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve local families and nonprofits like Lift Orlando. We truly count it as a unique privilege to come alongside givers and bless others as we reach this $100M milestone.”

To all of our Givers: Thank you again for partnering with us. We look forward to continuing to work with you and your families to transform the "City Beautiful" into the "City Generous." 

>> Learn more about the generosity movement in Orlando 

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